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Hip-Hop Help is committed to empowering and improving the lives of individuals and the communties we serve.
We here at Hip-Hop Help feel that Hip-Hop is such a powerful tool and could change the lives of so many people...If only we united. There are lots of hard working people out there who just need to know that someone believes in them and can reward them for the hard work they put in daily just to get by. We didn't see that this was a bridge that existed so we created it. We use donations from amazing artist to help those in need who write in to us willing to share their story in search of some financial relief. Why hasn't this happened already? We can't answer that, but what we can say is... WE ARE HERE NOW!!!!!!!!!!

Who Are We...

Our organizations focus is in three areas…(Assistance, Community Outreach and Youth). As we grow, we will continue to promote unity and hip-hop in community based projects and services in an effort to transform our societies mindset of the hip-hop generation.
Empowering and improving the lives of individuals and the communities we serve.

ASSISTANCE - We work with local and national hip-hop musicians to raise funds to help assist regular hard working people that are challenged with everyday expenses of providing food for their families, keeping util-ities on and a roof over their head. We will help anyone in need but our primary focus is on helping individuals who are trying to help themselves. Anyone who believes in our mission can donate. COMMUNITY OUTREACH - We understand that in order to grow their has to be partnerships and outreach. We support other organizations and individuals by volunteering and advocating for musical, educational and communi-ty based projects or events. YOUTH - Through our two youth/teen pro-grams we strive to build self-confidence, unity, teamwork and personal development. By partner-ing with professional musicians, entertainers, career people, busi-ness owners and instructors, we provide excellent networking op-portunities for careers after high school.

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Hip-Hop Help Organization is registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Contributions to our foundation are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

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